Orgnisation Overview

Another dimension of student life is the liveliness and vivacity of the campus life. All round development is quicker and exciting when recreational activities butt in to break the monotony of studies and work. You will find BIER campus always humming with activity of one kind or the other, may be sports, theatre, festivity, co-curricular or extra-curricular; BIER campus is the most happening place.

BIER is now the magnet that attracts students. The magic really happens once the student arrives, lives, learns, works, imbibes, mixes and remixes fun and learning in a cross-cultural milieu that BIER strives to provide.

The excitement of BIER campus life is kept upbeat through a full-fledged Division of Student Affairs that designs cultural, sports, community services, student R&D activities, skill development, earn while you learn services, ceremonial events, entertainment and all allied activities and delivers these through various clubs.

Message From Chairman's

I’m extremely happy to join as chairman in BIER.

BIER is a learning, training & research organization and there for follows continues evaluation system in a transparent manner. BIER has highly talented dedicated and sincere faculty members who are sufficient in number impart quality education through lectures, tutorials and laboratory classes and case study method etc. Our curriculums will formulate each student as a perfect applicant for various sectors to perform unbeatable.

Chairman of BIER

Er. Biswanath Khamari

Message From Director's

It is my pleasure & privilege being Director, BIER. I’m glad to see BIER for transforming an ambiance of trans personal orientation in education, research and training. I wish the effort must continue with greater zeal and vigor for creating opportunities that would be beneficial to all. I appreciate the excellence and excitement of our faculty in the field of education and research and the staff in supporting and managing the organizational structure.


Prof. Dr. Sukumar Puhan.


To promote, facilitate, achieve, and sustain research excellence by developing strategies and managing resources to support interdisciplinary and collaborative research benefitting society.

Our Motto:

  • Sharing of Knowledge, skill, and technique
  • Source of stimulation and creativity
  • Intellectual companionship
  • Extended networking around the globe
  • Carrying out Research more effectively