We push the boundaries of Knowledge

We offer finest teaching

Lectures are where you will listen to experts sharing their knowledge and discoveries in challenging and thought provoking ways. As a BIER student you will be part of academic elite and will learn from leading experts. Your studies will be challenging and inspirational. Our faculties make sure that learning is a conversation, not simply a lecture.

We Provide opportunities for the best minds

We welcome students from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds and believe in promoting original thinkers, nurturing and stimulating inquisitive minds to create students with innovative ideas, perspectives and approaches.



  • BIER is preparing future leaders and citizens for a highly interdependent world, providing an education system where internationalization promotes cultural diversity and fosters inter cultural understanding, respect and tolerance among people.
  • BIERs tries to attract retain and serve a diverse community of faculty, staff and students from across the world.
  • We believe that the best education can develop only in a vibrant, diverse community that actively affirms both the differences among its members and the numerous points of connection.
  • "Diversity" at BIER is not just about the myriad of ways people differ from one another, but is about acknowledging the differences and approaching the differences with a willingness, eagerness and understanding to accommodate them and learn from them.
  • The Organization community from different regions, castes, creeds, colours, etc is promoting culturally inclusive behavior and activities where cultural differences are appreciated and explored.
  • Diversity enriches all aspects of academic and social life in the campus and encourages approaches to teaching and learning that are both innovative and relevant to an increasingly global academic environment.
  • Diversity allows for new shapes, textures and imaginings of knowledge; it encourages the innovation and insight that are essential to the creation of knowledge.
  • At BIER we have been, are and will continue to be committed to diversity in our community. This commitment includes diversity in all of its manifestations: culture, intellectual perspective,
  • At BIER we have been, are and will continue to be committed to diversity in our community. This commitment includes diversity in all of its manifestations: culture, intellectual perspective, philosophy, race, politics, socioeconomic background, religion, work experience, and much more.
  • We believe that the richness of our backgrounds, cultures, talents and interests has made BIER one of the India’s Largest Organization* where people from diverse backgrounds are treated with equal respect.

BIER Value Addition

In today's more-than-ever competitive world, every decision you make has an effect on your career. We understand the criticality of the opportunity and prepare the candidates with utmost confidence to make them the winners. Nowadays companies try contemporary ways to select a candidate. We know the gaps between what interviewers ask and what they get from candidates, and are able to fill up those gaps with our intensive Programs.

Advantage BIER

Living and learning are intimately intertwined at BIER. Co-curricular activities, performances, conferences, workshops, seminars, sports events are part and parcel of students’ lives. We provide students with unparalleled freedom to cross departmental boundaries and discover intellectual and personal passion. Creative thinking, problem solving and research are central to the academic programs.


Class Room

Fully AC & Wi-Fi Campus and well designed rooms creating an education environment.


Modeled on the pattern of international libraries, BIER's library has a modern ambience, backed by efficient service and facilities, and supplemented by courteous and competent staff.


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